Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of awards are offered?

HighLevel presents three distinct awards designed to acknowledge and celebrate our customers' outstanding achievements. These include the SaaSPRENEUR Award, featuring various tiers, the Highly Affilionaire Award, also structured in tiers, and the Supercharged SaaS Award.

What is the SaaSPRENEUR Award?

The SaaSPRENEUR Award celebrates our SaaS-mode customers who have achieved notable milestones in sub-account accrual. We proudly present two distinguished tiers: Gold, honoring customers with 100 or more SaaS-enabled sub-accounts, and the newly introduced Platinum tier, reserved for those with over 500 SaaS-enabled sub-accounts.

What is the deadline to apply for the SaaSPRENEUR Award?

The cutoff to apply for the SaaSPRENEUR Award is September 20, 2024.

What is the Highly Affilionaire Award?

The Highly Affilionaire Award is a token of gratitude for our esteemed referral partners who have demonstrated exceptional dedication during the period from September 2023 to August 2024. This award comes in three prestigious tiers: Bronze, recognizing those who generate $10,000 in new commission; Silver, for those achieving $25,000 in new commission; and Gold, the pinnacle tier for those who generate an impressive $100,000 in new commission.

What is the Supercharged SaaS Award?

The Supercharged SaaS Award is an ode to the most electric "Dream Car" program in the industry! We celebrate top affiliates who have won the electric vehicle of their choosing including Teslas, Rivians, Porsches, and more! Learn more by visiting this link:

How do I qualify for an award?

Please see the above questions to determine if you meet the parameters for our awards and their different tiers!

Which award can I apply for?

We offer an application to apply for our SaaSPRENEUR Award! Upon your submission, your account will be audited to ensure you qualify. We will contact you with additional information once we have confirmed which tier of the award you qualify for.

When will I receive my award(s)?

If you win our Supercharged SaaS Award, you will receive it at the HighLevel Summit during our awards show! If you miss the conference, we will ship it to you.

For our SaaSPRENEUR and Highly Affilionaire Awards, we will contact you after the HighLevel Summit to request your shipping information and get it sent to you.

Do I need to attend the HighLevel Summit in person to receive my award?

While we would love to recognize your accomplishments onstage, you do not have to attend the conference in order to get your award.

When will I find out if I have won an award?

We will contact you via email by September 27, 2024 to let you know if and which award(s) you qualify for!

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